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TANAMINS cropped

Twice the Tan in Half the Time...


Now Anyone can Have a Deep Dark Natural Suntan Without Fear of Sunburn or Skin Damage






Our Safe, Powerful, Fast-Tanning, Triple-Strength…Tanning Pill

  • FDA Compliant
  • Results Guaranteed
  • No Canthaxanthin
  • No Dyes or Coloring Agents
  • 100% Safe, All Natural

Tan Quickly, Easily and Safely

No Dyes or Artificial Coloring Agents

Unlike some other types of tanning pills and messy creams, our tanning tablets do not contain any dyes or artificial coloring agents. Instead, these all-natural sun-tanning vitamins provide the exact nutrients your body needs so you’ll tan quickly and easily, even if you're fair skinned.

Now, for the first time ever, it is possible for you to conveniently and safely have that 'just back from vacation' look all year round, regardless of your skin type.

Our safe, all-natural tanning supplements are in full compliance with all FDA regulations and are manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards by a major U.S. pharmaceutical laboratory.

Twice the Tan in Half the Time

  • Tanamins™ will provide a deep tan within 10-14 days, requiring only minimal exposure to natural sunlight or a sun-bed.
  • Our synergized blend of 2000mg of L-tyrosine, a natural occurring amino acid, provides the nutrients your body requires to increase melanin production.
  • We’ve added 400 IU of Vitamin D & 30mg of Vitamin E to keep your skin supple and healthy.
  • This formula also contains 20mg of PABA to minimize any occurrence of sunburn, plus 2mg of copper to accelerate the tanning process.
  • This is our new, triple strength, tanning vitamin.
  • It provides more than triple the amount of the primary nutrient, L-Tyrosine, (2000mg per daily dose) when compared to ordinary tanning pills.
  • Results are much quicker and most users experience a deeper, richer tan.

Instead of Spending Hours in the Sun, You Can Achieve a Deep, Dark, Natural Tan in Less than 60 Minutes a Week.

  • This is the perfect product for any man or woman who does not have hours to spend in the sun, yet wants that healthy, successful look of a year-round tan.

  • Body builders, models, professionals and public figures will find this the product of choice.

  • Active tanners, who have peaked and can't seem to get darker, and those who find it difficult to tan will experience a noticeable change in skin tone after just a couple of 25 minute exposures to sunlight or a session at your favorite tanning salon.

Works on All Skin Types, Even If You are Fair Skinned and Have a Hard Time Getting the Color You Want.

This state of the art tanning tablet has been exclusively formulated by a leading U.S. laboratory to produce maximum results, even if you are fair skinned. And for darker skin types, you will achieve a deeper, richer, much darker color than ever before.

Need to Look Your Best for a Special Event?

Tanamins™ is Your Answer!

Tanamins™ works quickly, so you can use them any time you want to look your best. They are perfect before any important social event, such as a wedding, graduation, prom or photo session.

We sell more Tanamins the month before spring break than any other time of year. If you’re heading out for a sunny destination, order Tanamins early, and show up on the beach with a great looking base tan. Use them while you’re there and you will be sure to impress.

Traveling? Why risk burning and spoiling your trip? A tan is your natural protection against sunburn, so why not get a head start and establish your tan before you travel? You will arrive looking like a local and minimize any risk of sunburn and skin damage.

Need that successful, confident look for an important presentation, interview or business meeting? Tanamins may help you gain the edge you need.

Whatever the occasion, Tanamins can help you show up looking your best. Remember, Tanamins are free from any dyes or coloring agents, so your tan is real, will not wash off and provides real protection from dangerous sunburn. Order a couple of bottles now and, in a few days, you will be on your way to a great, natural tan. 

Tips for Best Results:

We suggest taking four tablets per day for the first four to five days. After that, begin your sun-tanning program. You should see noticeable results the day following your first tanning session and more dramatic results each time you tan. Continue to take two tablets per day (one in the morning and one in the evening, with meals) and tan a minimum of 25 minutes, twice per week. Join our thousands of satisfied customers and try our advanced, proven tanning tablets today.

Do Tanning Pills Work?

If you Have Any Doubts About How Good Our Tanning Pills Really Are, Please Read The Testimonials!

I like taking the Tanamins as they do help me to get a better tan and I do not blister or peel. They have worked wonderfully well for me…J. Harris, Wichita Falls, TX


I love the results that the tanamins supplement gives me. My tan does not fade as quickly. My skin is radiant and people do comment on how my skin looks and feels!!...P. Thompson, Rockdale, Australia


“PS I have to share a story. I have super white olive skin. I love your TANamins vitamin. Now I have healthy looking color skin. And when I do go out in the sun, I do not burn at all and can have a healthy looking tan. It has also help with my mood swings too. Don't ever go off the market. If you do .... I need to know ..... Thanks"…D. Bliss


In the past 6 months or so I have been taking the Tanamins and WOW is all I can say. These things are amazing - I never tanned before in my life and with these, I get as dark as all of the people I USE to be jealous of!"…B. Beer


“Here is my money for two more bottles of the tanning pills. This is the first time I have gone on spring break without getting burned and looking like a ghost. I took the extra amount for the first 5 days and went to the tanning booth twice per week. Just like you said, I got some good color which is even much darker now. Thank you for a product that works."… M. Benson, Indianapolis Indiana


“I really like this product. I have olive skin color and thought I had reached my peak. With this product, I have been able to get even darker. Thank you!!!!!"… JB, Fort Wayne, IN

TANAMINS supplement facts

Suggested Use: Adults – As a supplement to assist in the production of Melanin for a faster, darker tan when exposed to UV light. Take 2-4 tablets daily for 7 days, then two per day thereafter.

Bottle has 60 tablets. Servings per Bottle: 30 servings


Manufacturer: free shipping

Price:  603.79 R

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