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Natural Penis Help ED male impotence Sex Pills Libido (2 pack set)

Erections in 30 minutes that last upto 4 hours

Has Erectile Dysfunction been bothering you? 
You are not alone!

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is THE most common sexual disorder to afflict men in the world today. Erectile Dysfunction can strike at any age or stage in your life and is probably the single most demoralizing factor in a man’s life. Men in this condition usually withdraw themselves from relationships.

Surveys have shown that 2 in 6 men suffer from this condition. A further depressing fact is that ONLY 1 in 15 men actually seeks treatment. This eventually leads to an environment filled with unhappy and depressed men. Are you among these men?

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is the condition in which a man is not able to maintain an erection sufficient enough for sexual activity. During the past few years, there has been an alarming increase in the number of men with this condition. While stress and depression can lead to Erectile Dysfunction, doctors have listed the following causes as the major reasons for this condition:

  • Reduced blood flow or even damage to the penile nerves
  • Hormonal imbalance – Reduced levels of testosterone
  • Psychological – Depression, anxiety and stress
  • Medications and pills – medicines used for heart problems, high blood pressure and anti-depressants. Alcohol and illicit substances also play havoc with the nervous and vascular systems when used over a long period

If you are among the men who suffer from this condition, then act fast before its too late! You need to trust someone, speak up and take positive action for yourself.

CaliPlus™ materializes your sexual fantasies!

CaliPlus™ - the savior of men

It has been observed that men experiencing a lack of erection discreetly resort to any remedy offered to them. They try vacuum pumps and even chemical drugs. These experiences usually have disastrous side-effects and the person ends up with more side-effects than what he started off with. So is there a safe and feasible solution toCaliPlus™? Yes! The answer to your question is CaliPlus™! CaliPlus™provides you with firm erections in just 30 minutes and the results lasts for 36 hours.

A pill of CaliPlus™ naturally increases the blood flow to the penis by increasing the release of nitric oxide into the tissues.

CaliPlus™ - helping men with its natural effects!

The makers of CaliPlus™ had been aware of the distressing effects of erectile problems on the lives of men. Hence, they put together only the best of herbs that work to get rid of the erection problems. Many men have started taking a healthy interest in their sex lives with the introduction of CaliPlus™ in their lives. This laid the ground for their emotional stability and happy relationships. With CaliPlus™ you too will experience harder erections and a wonderful boost to your libido followed by blissful relationships.

CaliPlus™ - Very high on the Doctor's recommendation list!

Benefits of using CaliPlus™

These benefits place CaliPlus™ among the only natural medications against impotency in the world today! CaliPlus™ plays a major role in the lives of men today...

  • Harder erections for up to 36 hours
  • Eradicates impotence
  • Multiple sex sessions
  • Increase in virility
  • Thumping orgasms
  • Energy booster
  • 100% safe and endorsed formulation

Previously, doctors offered psychological treatment to patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. For the past couple of years, CaliPlus™ has been the preferred choice of doctors worldwide! It has become a trusted suggestion as it really works to uproot the cause of Erectile Dysfunction from its base. Moreover, CaliPlus™ being herbal and without any side-effects, has become the most recommended pill that acts against sexual dysfunction.

How CaliPlus™ works?

Erection occurs when blood flow rushes into the vessels of the penis. A person suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) cannot pump enough blood flow to boost the erection process and even if the erection is achieved, it is not hard enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse.CaliPlus™ contains an effective composition of herbs that triggers the sex glands and increases blood accumulation in the erectile tissues (Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum) and thus produces strong erections.

CaliPlus™ incorporates the finest extracts of herbal ingredients which coerce the brain to emit signals to the nerves down in the genitals to foster hard and easy erections. Taking two tablets ofCaliPlus™ provide harder erections and better libido for up to 36 hours.

"Hello guys, I feel good to tell you that my friend recovered from erectile dysfunction completely just because of your product CaliPlus™. To my surprise other products didn’t worked well for him instead made him suffer from headache. However CaliPlusTM improved his erections without any side-effects like headache."
Brandon, Ireland
"I usually don’t prefer giving feedbacks but I am glad doing this for your product CaliPlus™. It emerged as a “Miracle Medicine” for me and curbed my erection problem naturally."
Bryan, California
"CaliPlus™ is one of the best products I have purchased from topserv’s store. Prices are very reasonable and I got my order in time also. Good services!!"
Jack, UK
"Had gone through a very bad phase of life last year when suffered from erectile dysfunction. My wife and I had divorce just because I couldn’t able to satisfy her on bed. Afterwards my girlfriend suggested me to have CaliPlus™, initially I was skeptical but then I tried it for her. I am now perfectly healthy with no erection problem."
Michael, Australia

Your health and well-being is and will remain of supreme importance. The quality of CaliPlus™ is thus taken care of by adopting accepted standards of manufacturing in industry.

A team of the most dedicated and prominent doctors and herbalists were actively involved in the process of finalizing the ingredients for CaliPlus™. Their main concern was to provide the most effective solution to combat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and to make sure that the customer’s safety is not compromised. Their research led them to investigating the effectiveness of numerous herbs and other plants. They eventually came up with the final potent ingredients that form the core of CaliPlus™. The overall result was a proven and effective product.

Exhaustive tests have been conducted on CaliPlus™ and it is true that this product does not posses any short-term or long-term side-effects and does not produce any sort of dependency. Our products are the safest herbal formulations and are universally recommended by experienced and prominent doctors.

Satisfied customers have called up singing praises for CaliPlus™ and ordering more, thus confirming the efficacy and safety of the product.


CaliPlus™ is a natural formulation of the finest herbs that work highly effectively against Erectile Dysfunction. CaliPlus™ consists of the following potent ingredients:

L-Arginine: It is a natural compound that safely increases nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator which allows blood vessels in the penis to dilate, thus retaining the blood during erection. L-Arginine stimulates protein synthesis and helps in healing, bodybuilding, and the enhancement of sperm production. It has been used in many cultures to increase the sexual potency.

Epimedium sagittatum: Improve erectile dysfunction with cures erectile dysfunction. It works as a tonic for the reproductive system, boosts libido and treats impotence.

Chlorophytum arundinaceum: It is a highly effective herb for increasing male potency and improves sperm quality. This herb has incredible power to boost testosterone and ensures overall penile health.

Mucuna pruriens: Is established for its aphrodisiac qualities. It boosts the testosterone level, acts as a libido enhancer because it contains L-Dopa which converts into dopamine, an important brain chemical which influences the mood, sexuality, and movement. This herb is also used to increase libido, virility and performance.

Tribulus Terrestris: Is known for its effectiveness in improving the sexual activity. Tribulus terrestris also increases testosterone levels by increasing luteininzing hormone (LH) levels. It has been proven to improve desire, performance, and increase sexual energy and it's an excellent herbal libido enhance.

Piper longum: Is useful in respiratory discomfort, digestive problems, increases sexual desire and acts as a rejuvenator of the body.

Zingiber officinale: Acts as a powerful stimulant that can help during sexual encounters. It also helps increase the level of testosterone, increase blood flow and promote sexual excitement and desire.

Piper nigrum: It is stimulant, pungent, aromatic, digestive and nervine tonic. Also plays a very vital role in boosting sexual desire and libido.

Frequently asked questions
What is CaliPlus™?
CaliPlus™ is effective herbal solution for men suffering from symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. This tablet is Doctor-approved and a mixture of the safest herbs that work effectively to get rid of your sexual problems.
Can I use this product?
Do you suffer from symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction? Are your erections becoming less frequent? If you are looking for a solution from this condition then CaliPlus™ is for you. Follow a regular course of CaliPlus™ to achieve positive results.
Is it safe?
CaliPlus™ has been prepared with the foremost care and detail. The herbs that went into the preparation of this product are the safest and most renowned. We follow stringent International standards in safety and hygiene in the preparation of our products.
What are the ingredients?
Please refer to the Ingredients section to know more about the effective ingredients that form the vital core of CaliPlus™.
What is the dosage?
Take 1 tablet twice daily and a pill 30 min before intercourse. Each bottle contains 60 tablets of CaliPlus™.
Fact: CaliPlus™ has the advantage of being effective with alcohol as well.
What if I miss a dose?
If you have missed a dose, then take it as soon as you remember. Follow the course in a disciplined manner to achieve strong and effective results.


Price:  1597.20 R

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