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How to purchase an item from this shop
When you see an item you would like to buy, click the Buy button.

This will take you to the next page where the store opens up the item you have selected. You can now choose to either:
Continue (which means you would like to buy another item)
Checkout (which means you do not wish to shop further and would like to now pay)

If you choose Continue, the shop will open on the main shop of that store that you have selected.

Your item that you wanted to buy is now in your basket. (You can always check the contents of your basket - see below)

Checking Out - and making payment
When you choose checkout, you will be taken to a login page / new customer page
If you have already shopped at our site before, then enter your login username and password. If you are a new user, please skip that and fill in the form on that page

Once you have completed the form, click Continue

Selecting your Payment method
Once you have signed in, or signed up as a new customer, you will be asked how you would like to buy the product.

Bank Deposit / Bank Transfer or EFT
If you choose to pay by EFT/Bank Transfer - you must then make a payment by deposit at the bank (as per details supplied) and keep your proof of payment

Credit Card
If you choose to pay by credit card, you will be asked to click the Alerpay button, which will then take you to the payment field. Once you have completed payment, you will receive an email with your order, and shortly after that a confirmation from the vendor, confirming your payment.

How to edit your shopping cart
If you have too many items in your shopping cart, you can remove one or more of them by using these steps:

Click the shopping cart where it shows [details] (usually top right of screen)
You can remove an item by ticking the box and then pressing Update Cart
You can change the number of items in the quantity field and then clicking on Update Cart

For further help please call us on 021 418 4874 or email sasales@secureonlineshopping.co.za
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