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For Potential Seller 

2KO International offers vendors a unique opportunity to sell their products online. Save the cost of setting up your own online shop,  and simply use our infrastructure to sell your products online. You do not need programming experience, and we even have FREE packages for those wishing to test our service for a while before committing. The online  shopping mall software tales care of all your stock, products, shipping costs and you can sell using EFT, cheque or credit card. Do not worry if you do not have credit card facilities, we can assist and help you get set up.

We offer simple, fast, efficient and low-cost solutions to small and large sellers, and to anyone wishing to access online sales but does not have the skill to do so.   

For Customers Purchasing using this site

2KO International has been in business since 1998. Our business started in IT and continues to have a strong IT training component. The business has evolved over time to include multiple online services such as web development, Search engine marketing and optimisation, as well as directory customisation and online portals. Our offices are based at 124 Waterkant Street in Greenpoint, Cape Town.

All products on this web site are sourced from international best sellers, and are vetted. In the case of a product not being delivered, insurance will cover your purchases and insurance is built into the selling price of products sold by any of 2KO International stores. If an item offered by any 2KO International store, is out of stock at the time of purchase, you will be offered an opportunity to wait for the product to come back into stock or you will be offered a full refund.

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Trial Launch of Online Shopping Mall

16/06 08:06AM
Medical equipment for the home

16/06 08:12AM
How to set up a free online shop in South Africa

25/10 09:45AM
First under R20 store launches

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