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  Genesis 1-15 by Gordon Wenham
  Genesis 16-50 by Gordon Wenham
  Exodus by John Durham
  Leviticus by John Hartley
  Numbers by Phillip Budd
  Deuteronomy 1:1-21:9 (Revised Edition) by Duane Christensen
  Deuteronomy 21:10-34:12 by Duane Christensen
  Joshua by Trent Butler
  Ruth, Esther by Frederic Bush
  1 Samuel by Ralph Klein
  2 Samuel by A. Anderson
  1 Kings (2nd Edition) by Simon DeVries
  2 Kings by T. Hobbs
  1 Chronicles by R. Braun
  2 Chronicles by R. Dillard
  Ezra–Nehemiah by H. Williamson
  Job 1-20 by D.J. Clines
  Job 21-37 by D.J. Clines
  Psalms 1-50 (2nd Edition) by P. Craigie
  Psalms 51-100 by M. Tate
  Psalms 101-150 (Revised Edition) by L. Allen
  Proverbs by R. Murphy
  Ecclesiastes by R. Murphy
  Song of Songs, Lamentations by D. Garrett and P. House
  Isaiah 1-33 (Revised Edition) by J. Watts
  Isaiah 34-66 (Revised Edition) by J. Watts
  Jeremiah 1-25 by P. Craigie, P. Kelley, and J. Drinkard
  Jeremiah 26-52 by G. Keown, P. Scalise, and T. Smothers
  Ezekiel 1-19 by W. Brownlee
  Ezekiel 20-48 by L. Allen
  Daniel by J. Goldingay
  Hosea–Jonah by D. Stuart
  Micah–Malachi by R. Smith


  Matthew 1-13 by D. Hagner
  Matthew 14-28 by D. Hagner
  Mark 1:1-8:26 by R. Guelich
  Mark 8:27-16:20 by C. Evans
  Luke 1:1-9:20 by J. Nolland
  Luke 9:21-18:43 by J. Nolland
  Luke 19-24 by J. Nolland
  John (Revised Edition) by G. Beasley-Murray
  Romans 1-8 by J. Dunn
  Romans 9-16 by J. Dunn
  2 Corinthians by R. Martin
  Galatians by R. Longenecker
  Ephesians by A. Lincoln
  Philippians (Revised Edition) by R. Martin
  Colossians–Philemon by P. O'Brien
  1 & 2 Thessalonians by F.F. Bruce
  Pastoral Epistles by W. Mounce
  Hebrews 1-8 by W. Lane
  Hebrews 9-13 by W. Lane
  James by R. Martin
  1 Peter by J. Ramsey Michaels
  2 Peter and Jude by R. Bauckham
  1,2,3 John by S. Smalley
  Revelation 1-5 by D. Aune
  Revelation 6-16 by D. Aune
  Revelation 17-22 by D. Aune


  King James Version
  New King James Version
  New Strong's Dictionary of Greek and Hebrew Words
  New Strong's Guide to Bible Words: An English Index to H/G Words
  Strong's Enhanced Lexicon
  Tense, Voice, Mood Analysis of the Bible
  Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of OT and NT Words
  Vine's Topical Index
  New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
  Nave's Topical Bible
  Greek NT According to the Majority Text: 2nd Ed. with Critical Apparatus
  Introduction to Biblical Interpretation: Revised Edition
  A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith: 2nd Edition

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